« Dragons of War » Christopher Rowley



There is a field in Arneis, a garden of flowers. There Relkin will stand, when all has failed and the dark forcMtave triumphed. And on his shoujders will rest the destiny of the world….

A shadow of war hung over the peaceful land of the Argonath as The Masters prepared to unleash hideous new monstrosities from their dread fortress. The Great witches of Argonath, unable to pierce the magical barriers of the enemy, did not know when or where the evil blow might fall. Only one thing was certain: the Dragon Legions would be crucial to the Empire's survival. Yet for Dragonboy Relkin and the dragon Bazil Broketail, surviving long enough to fight was the problem at hand - especially after an irregular rescue mission saw Relkin up on a murder charge - and the fate of his own world seemed far beyond his control…


Series Bazil Broketail #3
Language English
Author Christopher Rowley
Year Roc, 1994
First Published 1994
ISBN 0-451-45342-5
Goodreads ID 363885
Google Books ID Qc7fOwAACAAJ
Open Library ID OL17839234M
Online Computer Library Center ID 31417622
Library of Congress Control Number 97816800
LibraryThing ID 307715

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