« Beserker Kill » Fred Saberhagen


Long, long ago… two alien races fought a war of extinction. All that is left of either of them are the Berserkers: vast, thinking, space-faring, killer machines whose sole purpose is to destroy all living things. For the first time in all of their history, they have met a life form that has a chance of stopping them.

In the cold reaches of space, the Berserkers seize a floating laboratory full of human germ-plasm—stored for retrieval and growth in a future colonization project. Why are the Berserkers not destroying them? And will the human pursuers manage to find the missing lab, defeat the Berserkers, and save the nascent lives?

A major Berserker novel—one of Saberhagen’s finest—with one hell of a surprise up its sleeve.


Language English
Author Fred Saberhagen
Year Tor Science Fiction, 1995
First Published 1993
ISBN 0-812-55059-5
Goodreads ID 847961

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