« Christinas Hus » Ben Haas


Vienna, 1938: All that was noble and beautiful, all the grace of an opulent era, gone with the winds of war!

And in the center of the growing holocause stood:

Christa--the beautiful, frivolous young mistress of Christina Hof whose flowering into womanhood was accompanied by the distant thunder of guns.

Herr Helmer--a national hero haunted by past wars and devoted to his spirited daughter.

Robert--who shared with Christa an idyllic childhood. Now his passions has grown - for her, and the Nazi regime he was ready to die for.

Josef--the sensual, brilliant Jew, whose anti-Hitler plot drew Christa into a maelstrom of terror.

Lan Condon--the peace-loving American who found respite from tragedy, and a love greater than he had known with Christa. He thrust himself into the cauldron of war to save them both from tyranny.


Original title The House of Christina
Language Norwegian
Author Ben Haas
Year A/S Hjemmet, 1978
First Published 1977
ISBN 82-7001-485-0
Goodreads ID 10215710

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