« Apocalypse Troll » David Weber


The fateful space battle and resulting spaceship crash that bring together Colonel Ludmilla Leonovna and Captain Richard Aston, U.S. Navy, set the stage for another rip-roaring, guns-blazing science fiction adventure. When Captain Aston finds out Colonel Leonovna's secret, he eagerly offers his help, then finds himself in the middle of an extremely dangerous military situation. Weber's fast plots, nonstop action, and attention to detail are what makes his books so much fun to read, and Apocalypse Troll is no exception. --Adam Fisher


Language English
Author David Weber
Year Baen, 2001
First Published 1999
ISBN 0-671-57845-6
Goodreads ID 276478
Google Books ID rYaYzQEACAAJ
Open Library ID OL30080324M

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