« Callisto » Lin Carter


At the height of the Vietnam War, Jon Dark is a helicopter pilot for the International Red Cross, flying numerous rescue missions… until the day his helicopter crashes in the Cambodian jungles. Cut off from American troops, he searches for a way out, only to find a lost city -- and the gateway to another world. Stepping through the portal, he arrives on Callisto -- a savage, hostile world terrorized by insect-men and the infamous Sky Pirates of Zanadar.

It is a world of black and crimson jungles where Jon Dark -- now known as Jandar -- finds not only chilling dangers awaiting him, but also the love of a beautiful princess.


Language English
Author Lin Carter
Year ibooks, 2019
First Published 2000
ISBN 9780743400053
Amazon ID B003VTZWUU
Google Books ID YdOCDwAAQBAJ


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