« Mad House » Ellis Knox


In Altearth, the wizards of the Chapterhouses are among the most powerful magicians in the land. Those of the Chapterhouse of the Black Isle are the envy of the world, for they have their Library, which houses secrets as deep as the ocean itself. Then some fool locked it.

Not the ordinary sort of locking, for which there are keys and spells; no, this wretch of a novice was digging around in place he shouldn't even have been looking at, and he has set off the emergency lock, a thing not done for centuries.

It has been so long since the emergency lock was set, no one remembers how to unset it. The more the wizards tried to unlock it, the more locked it became. What do you do when no key works and no spell prevails?

You call upon Quinn of Clan Five, the master of locks. Because he is a sprite, he can't be trusted any farther than you can catapult him. So you frame him for a capital crime, then offer him a pardon if he will unlock the Library. To make sure he doesn't steal any secrets, you put the faithful ogre, John Golly, to watch over him.

All will be well.

Except that Quinn-the-Sprite does not intend to leave empty handed. John Golly used to be a tunneler in the service of a mercenary army, and Quinn used to be a tunneler as well, so Quinn figures the ogre will help out a brother.

But the House has been talking to John Golly. Something is wrong with the House itself, and the problem lies deep within the Library. The wizards want Quinn to unlock the door and leave, but John Golly and the House want him to go much further. Quinn just wants to make off with a treasure that will set him up for life. And to keep his life.


Series Altearth #1
Language English
Author Ellis Knox
Year Independently published, 2020
First Published 2017
ISBN 9781717961136
Amazon ID B074N851Q2
Google Books ID H2ZPyAEACAAJ


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