« The Better Part of Valor » Tanya Huff


What happens when a staff sergeant questions a two-star general's parentage to his face? Torin Kerr discovers the answer.

Separated from her company, Kerr is ordered to report to a top-secret reconnaissance mission, either as punishment for her quick mouth or praise for her service. Kerr must turn a ragtag group of Marines into a cohesive fighting unit in a matter of days, while maneuvering through the murky political waters of the Confederation.


Series Confederation #2
Language English
Author Tanya Huff
Year DAW Books, 2002
First Published 2002
ISBN 0-7564-0062-7
Goodreads ID 338128
Google Books ID WI8G7I2sD6IC
Open Library ID OL3665371M
Online Computer Library Center ID 49242595
Library of Congress Control Number 2002555228
LibraryThing ID 112116

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