« Dark Side of the Moon »


"The Dark Side Of The Moon" is the seventh studio LP to be released by Pink Floyd. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London England and released in 1973. It stands as one of the most successful commercial recordings of all time, and has been released in just about every known country on the entire planet. In the US, DSOTM has spent more time in the "Billboard 200" charts for best selling LP's, than any other release in modern history. Early releases included two posters and two color stickers inside the gatefold sleeve. all of which were designed by the UK graphics and design company "Hipgnosis". The most sought after and valuable version of DSOTM is the original UK Harvest issue which has a solid blue triangle on the labels instead of a shaded triangle used on most other versions. There are over 800 different versions of DSOTM, making it one of the most populated MR's in the entire database. Most of the vinyl versions were issued with gatefold sleeves, however there are a number of versions with significant differences in packaging and design, such as this version: [r1443030] from the Philippines which has the artist's name and LP title printed in large text on a non-gatefold sleeve. New and previously undocumented versions of DSOTM get added to the database frequently making it one of the most interesting titles to focus on for "deep collectors" .


Artist Pink Floyd
Album Dark Side of the Moon
Recording label Harvest
Recorded in 1973
Genre Progressive Rock
Format FLAC
Sample Frequency [Hz] 44100 Hz
Channels 2
Resolution [bits] 16
CDDB ID 700a0f09
MusicBrainz ID b84ee12a-09ef-421b-82de-0441a926375b
Discog Master ID 10362


  1. Speak to me _ Breathe
  2. On the Run
  3. Time
  4. The Great Gig in the Sky
  5. Money
  6. Us and Them
  7. Any Colour You Like
  8. Brain Damage
  9. Eclipse

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