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After a decade of silence the Battle Engines march once again…

The ancient world has given way to chimneys billowing the smoke of industry into the sky of Tarn. With industry comes technology no one a hundred years prior could have dreamed of. And with those dreams came weapons more destructive than ever. The Engines were invented to benefit the people yet were instead used as massive engines of war. The cannons of the great battle engines have been silent for a decade, their marches only echoes from long ago. While the battles are long gone, the scars linger. Then unstable peace is shattered by rumblings of war from the far north and soon the massive battle engines will march once again. Groo, a veteran of that war, has followed the roadways of the valley for a decade helping feed the people with, what he considers his greatest creation. Soon, his tranquil life will be torn asunder as he is once again pulled into the grips of a conflict that he wishes would just leave him be.


Series Battle Engines #1
Language English
Author C. J. LaPolla
Year 2019
First Published 2018
Amazon ID B0795472Q1


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