«Agatha Heterodyne and the Circus Of Dreams» Kaja Foglio; Phil Foglio


The Adventure, Romance & Mad Science continues as Agatha Heterodyne's damaged aircraft comes roughly to rest in the Wastelands. She encounters a traveling circus and proves her mettle by destroying a massive spider-clank as it attacks. Back at the airship city, a frustrated Baron Wulfenbach dispatches his son Gilgamesh and deposed pirate queen Bangaldesh DuPree to capture Agatha, whose very existence threatens the peace -- but the cunning circus folk succeed in hiding Agatha, who quickly discovers she is only one of their many secrets. She begins warrior training with the circus's expert swordswoman Zeetha, meets a strange new breed of Jagermonster, and attracts unexpected attention in saving them from the grimmest of fates.

Language English
Author Kaja Foglio; Phil Foglio
First Published 2012
This Edition Airship Entertainment, 2013
ISBN 9781890856366
Goodreads ID 435650 545763
Open Library ID OL17898988M
Library of Congress Control Number 2006298418
LibraryThing ID 822799