« An Empire at War » Steven J Davies


It is 1914 and a French / Russian alliance is attacking the very heart of the greatest empire the world has ever known. The British Royal Navy is nowhere to be seen, the army is in disarray, murderous packs of anarchists roam the streets and thousands of Russian and French soldiers are mudering their way to London… What could have gone so very badly wrong that the very heart of the British Empire is so completely undefended? Why is the Royal Navy chasing shadows, far from home? Who leaked the Anglo-German treaty before it was even signed, prompting the Russians to declare war against the British? Espionage, treachery and murder abound in this alternate history of the first world war. Britain finds itself on the brink of civil war, even as the enemy is landing on her southern shores. If England falls, the Empire will follow and there will be nothing to stand between the French-Russo alliance and world domination.


Series An Empire at War #1
Language English
Author Steven J Davies
Year Steven J Davies, 2018
First Published 2018
Amazon ID B079YHYQ86


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