« Protectors » Tr Cameron


Commanders Anderson Cross and Kate Flynn are separated as a second front opens in the aliens’ holy war. Not content only to kill humans in space, the aliens take the battle to the surface. Cross must stay with his crew in space while Flynn takes the lead on the ground. Each knows they are weaker apart. Each knows they must do all they can to save the colonists from the war Cross’s actions sparked.

They are outnumbered and outgunned on both fronts. With each passing day, the enemy pushes forward, seeking to drive the humans back to their home planet. The aging fleet cannot win an even fight, and the Union and Alliance must use every dirty trick in their arsenals to stave off destruction for one more day. In that day, Cross and Flynn must find a way to reunite and save the colonists, then rejoin the battle against the alien invasion. In that day, the aliens will move one step closer to humanity’s heart – Earth. If the alien plan comes to fruition, Cross, Kate, their crew, their friends, their entire species, will be done for.


Series Chaos Shift Cycle #3
Language English
Author Tr Cameron
Year CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018
First Published 2017
ISBN 9781979624718
Amazon ID B0762BBQCY


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