« Point of Hopes » Melissa Scott; Lisa A. Barnett


Nicolas Rathe is a pointsman, a dedicated watchman in the great city of Astreiant. During the annual trade fair, with a city filled with travelers and merchants, someone is stealing children. The populace is getting angry and frightened and convinced that a foreigner must be to blame. Rathe calls on the aid of both an out-of-work soldier, the handsome Philip Eslingen, and the necromancer Istre b'Estorr.

The art of astrology is a very real power in the kingdom and plays as much a role in politics as greed and intrigue. Rathe finds himself struggling to find the children before a major astrological event brings about catastrophe. The first in a series of fantasy novels filled with adventure, intrigue and gay romance.


Series Astreiant #1
Language English
Author Melissa Scott; Lisa A. Barnett
Year Lethe Press, 2017
First Published 2012
ISBN 9781590213124
Goodreads ID 13569562
Google Books ID iQRAUbmrju4C


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