«Castle Federation #2: Stellar Fox»

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Captain Kyle Roberts delivered one of the Castle Federation’s few victories in the early days of the war. Even losing his ship in the process didn’t prevent him being elevated as the hero – the “Stellar Fox” – his country desperately needed. His status with the public demands a worthy command, and he finds himself on the bridge of the Federation’s latest supercarrier and headed to the front lines of the war. But the Navy sees his promotion as a public relations stunt. His subordinates and superiors alike question his lack of experience – and enemies at the highest level of his own government manoeuvre to destroy him. As the war heats up around him, the Commonwealth may not be the greatest threat to Kyle Roberts or Avalon.

Language English
Author Glynn Stewart
This Edition 2019
First Published 2015
Published by Faolan's Pen Publishing
ISBN 9781988035673
Google Books ID LI5VDwAAQBAJ
Amazon ID B019MZN8U2