« Cold Hard Steele » Alex P. Berg


Detective Jake Daggers hates three things—mornings, walking, and naked guys. So when he and his sexy half-elf partner, Shay Steele, get called to a murder scene featuring a bare-bottomed doughy dude with an icy dagger sticking out of his chest, he’s not amused.

Even less happy? The Captain, when the lone murder turns into a frosty-bladed epidemic.

In a case featuring frost mages, enchanted weaponry, and a jaded mystery writer, Daggers and Steele must race against the clock to discover who’s delivering deadly doses of COLD HARD STEELE.


Series Daggers & Steele #2
Language English
Author Alex P. Berg
Year Batdog Press, 2016
First Published 2015
ISBN 9781942274049
Amazon ID 1942274041
Google Books ID 2rbGrQEACAAJ


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