« Hunting the Corrigan's Blood » Holly Isle


Cadence Drake is a finder of lost things. Badger Bede is a technical wizard adept at creating programs that make Cady's life easier. Both are handy with a stunner.

All their talents are put to the test as they search for the CORRIGAN'S BLOOD, a new kind of TFN-drive spaceship with some very special abilities. At first it looks like their dream job — the job that will allow them to pay off their own ship, the HOPE'S REWARD, and to be more picky about the clients and work they accept — but they quickly learn that every dream has a price.

Because behind the stolen ship lies the mystery of the people who stole it, people who appear to be using this insanely expensive vessel and others like it to smuggle inexpensive medicine to people who don’t need it.

And behind that mystery is another…

Why are all these people linked to Cady's past and the one person who made it impossible for her to ever go home again?

And why does everyone in the universe want Cady dead?


Series Cadence Drake #1
Language English
Author Holly Isle
Year Baen, 1997
First Published 1997
ISBN 0671877682

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