«Conrad Yeats Adventure #1: Atlantis Rising»

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In Antarctica, a glacial earthquake swallows up a team of scientists... and exposes a mysterious monument older than the Earth itself. In Peru, archaeologist Dr. Conrad Yeats is apprehended by U.S. Special Forces...to unlock the final key to the origins of the human race. In Rome, the pope summons environmental activist Dr. Serena Serghetti to the Vatican...and reveals a terrifying vision of apocalyptic disaster. In space, a weather satellite reveals four massive storms forming around the South Pole...and three U.S. spy satellites disappear from orbit.

These are the end times, when the legends of a lost civilization and the prophecies of the world's great religions lead a man and a woman to a shattering discovery that will change the fate of humankind. This is the ultimate voyage, a journey to the center of time, as awe-inspiring as the dawn of man--and as inevitable as doomsday.

Original title Raising Atlantis
Language en
Author Thomas Greanias
This Edition 2005
First Published 2005
Published by Pocket Books
ISBN 9780743491914
Google Books ID OkH5YdLMMgMC