« The Mission » Robert Doherty


Now we know what the government hid there. It's time we found out why….

Hidden deep in the Amazon rain forest is a place shrouded in mystery. It is called The Mission. And in nearby villages people are screaming in pain as they die from a virus more deadly than Ebola. They can't escape it. They can't cure it. They can't stop it from exploding into a worldwide epidemic poised to kill us all…

Scientist Lisa Duncan and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte suspect this new "Black Death" is actually a biological weapon in an escalating war between us…and "them." Them? The aliens who are part of a chilling conspiracy connected to ancient riddles, a government agency…and Area 51.

Now from the Great Wall of China to a top secret facility beneath Antarctica's ice cap, an eclectic group of soldiers and scholars are working with Duncan and Turcotte to give humankind one last shimmering hope to survive. To stop the aliens--at least until the Pandora's box of Area 51 opens up again….


Series Area 51 #3
Language English
Author Robert Doherty
Year Dell Fiction, 1999
First Published 1999
ISBN 0440223814
Goodreads ID 360940
Google Books ID RjFEmQEACAAJ
LibraryThing ID 218776

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