«Dead Alone, The» Charles S. Jackson


SOUTH-EAST ASIA: OCTOBER, 1942 In just three years, the German Wehrmacht has conquered Europe, taken Britain and won a devastating victory in North Africa. As self-proclaimed rulers of an entire continent, the Nazis now stand secure in the belief that no threat remains on their Western frontier. In the Pacific and South-East Asia however, war looms closer than ever. Eager to establish their nation as a true global power, the Japanese government has for too long bowed down to German demands for peace with the United States in exchange for advanced technology. Armed with nuclear weapons supplied by splinter factions within the Nazis’ own ranks, the Japanese embark on a daring plan to knock the Americans out of the war before it has even begun. Returning from the disaster of North Africa, Hindsight are again thrown into the thick of the fray in a race to track down a German raider loaded with nuclear weapons, enroute to Tokyo, while from Northern Ireland, information comes to hand that Samuel Lowenstein still lives: a man who may yet hold the key to Hindsight’s mission and provide the means to finally return history to its original course. As war breaks out anew and they are caught in once more in its midst, Max Thorne and Eileen Donelson will be forced to make decisions that will affect the lives of millions and decide the course of history itself.

Language English
Author Charles S. Jackson
First Published 2017
This Edition 2017
Amazon ID B01NA9HOX1