« 1945 » Robert Conroy


America has dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But Japan has only begun to fight…

In 1945, history has reached a turning point. A terrible new weapon has been unleashed. Japan has no choice but to surrender. But instead, the unthinkable occurs. With their nation burned and shattered, Japanese fanatics set in motion a horrifying endgame–their aim: to take America down with them.

In Robert Conroy’s brilliantly imagined epic tale of World War II, Emperor Hirohito’s capitulation is hijacked by extremists and a weary United States is forced to invade Japan as a last step in a war that has already cost so many lives. As the Japanese lash out with tactics that no one has ever faced before–from POWs used as human shields to a rain of kamikaze attacks that take out the highest-value target in the Pacific command–the invasion’s success is suddenly in doubt. As America’s streets erupt in rioting, history will turn on the acts of a few key players from the fiery front lines to the halls of Washington to the shadowy realm of espionage, while a mortally wounded enemy becomes the greatest danger of all.


Language English
Author Robert Conroy
Year Ballantine Books, 2017
First Published 2007
ISBN 9780345500434
Amazon ID B000R38A34
Goodreads ID 134261
Google Books ID tbIw4DSBy7IC
Open Library ID OL9883518M
Online Computer Library Center ID 234257851
LibraryThing ID 1746421


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