« The Ravening Deep » R. Curtis Venture


Panic grips the many worlds of the Imperial Combine. Across the Empire, dozens of colonies have already stopped responding. Mighty dreadships are sighted with alarming frequency, and chilling reports trickle back from the outer star systems every single day. The Falling has been visited upon many planets already, the rumours say. The Falling cannot be stopped. Even while struggling to understand the enemy's tactics and objectives, operative Elm Caden will do anything he can to protect Earth's territories. But it may already be too late. For across the many worlds brews an unconscious, contagious fear: something horrific watches from the Deep Shadows, and it is about to make its presence felt. Still reeling from a personal and professional loss, Caden is one of a mere handful of people who truly grasp the threat posed to humanity. Now, with his remaining allies pulling in different directions and his resources stretched to their limits, he must discover the true nature and intentions of the mysterious enemy known as Voice. If he should fail, there can be only one outcome: Worlds Will Fall.


Series Armada Wars #3
Language English
Author R. Curtis Venture
Year R. Curtis Venture, 2017
First Published 2015
Amazon ID B014SSL2O2

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