« A Quiet Death » Cari Hunter


Things are looking up for Detective Sanne Jensen and Dr. Meg Fielding. Dating each other seems to be working, their families are behaving themselves, and the worst of the post-Christmas crime wave is over. The discovery of a Pakistani girl’s body out on the moors changes all that. No one knows who she is, who hurt her, or how she came to be there. As pressure mounts on East Derbyshire Special Ops for a quick resolution, it becomes ever more apparent that the case won’t provide one. With the Pakistani community closing ranks, and threads of suspicion reaching farther than anyone could have predicted, the investigation leaves Sanne facing an ordeal she may not survive.


Series Dark Peak #3
Language English
Author Cari Hunter
Year Bold Strokes Books, 2017
First Published 2017
ISBN 9781626398160
Amazon ID B01N0RTFEY


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