«Arisen #11: Deathmatch»

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Lurking in the bush is the dark shadow cast by the operators - a terrifying force every bit their equal in skill, ferocity, and sheer resolve... but utterly unconstrained by humanity, compassion, or brotherhood. Now, to complete their mission and save the world, the operators will have to pay with their lives, or their souls, or possibly both... Rolling the dice on a last-ditch plan to save London by retrieving the Kazakh's zombie-annihilating virus, Jameson leads his last best men into the dragon's den - an underground bunker home to the savage and hyper-skilled Spetsnaz Alfa group. Getting out alive is a million-to-one shot - and then their real problems begin... The world's deadliest maritime commando force were made homeless when their battlecruiser went to the bottom of the Atlantic. Now they're looking for payback - and a replacement nuclear-powered warship. But not only is the whole *JFK* in play - so is Dr. Park, his vaccine design, and thus the fate of the entire world...

Language English
Author Michael Stephen Fuchs
This Edition 2016
First Published 2016
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN 9781537470009
Amazon ID B01KGGZE3K