« Red Hot Steele » Alex P. Berg


Detective Jake Daggers likes his murder investigations the way he likes his women—straightforward, easy, and with a killer body. So when his older-than-dust partner throws his back out on a goblin raid, his captain assigns him a new running mate—a sexy young half-elf by the name of Shay Steele. It seems like a match made in Daggers’ imagination, but Steele’s no pushover. She’s a powerful forensic psychic, and she’s got sass oozing out of her boots. In a debut case teeming with fire mages, foundries, and a dead guy who’s crispier than bacon, it’s pretty clear Daggers isn’t the only one getting a heaping helping of RED HOT STEELE.<a name


Series Daggers & Steele #1
Language English
Author Alex P. Berg
Year Batdog Press, 2015
First Published 2014
Amazon ID B00OL72SXU


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