« Three Parts Dead » Michael Stephen Fuchs Glynn James


A world fallen - under a plague of seven billion walking deadA tiny island nation - the last refuge of the livingOne team - of the world’s most elite special operatorsThe dead, these heroes, humanity’s last hope, all have… ARISENBook Three - Three Parts DeadAlpha team, the world’s best and last surviving Tier-1 operators, are cast adrift on Lake Michigan – and fast drifting into what looks like a damned hostile shoreline. Deep in the National Forest nearby, a former police officer and survivalist battles to keep her family alive – and tries to decide whether the commandos of Alpha are more dangerous to her alive or dead. Meanwhile, the John F. Kennedy, the world’s last floating supercarrier, is run aground off the coast of Virginia – and facing a veritable hurricane of the dead, blowing in fast. And finally, back in Fortress Britain, the terrible outbreak from the Channel Tunnel turns out not to have been so contained after all – and a death grip is beginning to close on London, and shaping up into humanity’s last stand… Readers are calling the ARISEN series "a non stop thrill ride", "unputdownable", "the most original and well-written zombie novels I have ever read", "riveting as hell – I cannot recommend this series enough", "the action starts hot and heavy and does NOT let up", "astonishingly well-researched and highly plausible", "non-stop speed rush! All action, all the time – got my heart racing", "A Must Read, this book was a hell of a ride", and "may be the best in its genre." Alpha team and humanity fight on in: ARISEN, BOOK THREE - THREE PARTS DEAD.


Series Arisen #3
Language English
Author Michael Stephen Fuchs Glynn James
Year Glynn James & Michael Stephen Fuchs, 2015
First Published 2013

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