« War Machine » Andy Remic


In a time of post-Singularity and FTL travel, the Helix War has raged across galaxies. Ex-soldier Keenan now works as a private investigator on a planet at the peaceful fringes of the Quad-Gal. Following the brutal death of his family he’s run up hefty debts, gained a bad reputation and become a heavy drinker. When a prince from the Jervai Province offers him a case on a dangerous colony world in exchange for clues that may lead him to his family’s murderer, he accepts the job without hesitation. However, to have any chance of success he must gather together his old military unit, a group who swore they’d never work together again…


Series Combat-K #1
Language English
Author Andy Remic
Year Solaris Books, 2014
First Published 2008
ISBN 1844165221
Amazon ID B005T4S7ZM

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