« The Aetheric Artifacts » Wendy L. Callahan


All four books of the Aetheric Artifacts are now available together in one tidy, steampunk bundle, including "The Gilded Gun", "The Chronos Clock", "The Daemon Device", and "The Enigma Engine". This steampunk fantasy adventure series set in 1892 Victorian London has science, mythology, and dreadful puns. Meet Demetra Ashdown - a half-daemon with the power to locate devices empowered with aetheric energy, Lord Francis Winterton - the gunslinging nobleman who broke her heart, and Simon Warom - the tinkering apothecary and Demetra's best friend, and follow their exploits with food and fiends, not to mention spiffy exploding accessories. The complete adventures of Demetra, Francis, and Simon are here in the series readers call "'Warehouse 13' meets Sherlock Holmes!"


Language English
Author Wendy L. Callahan
Year Persephone Press, 2015
First Published 2014
Amazon ID B00OWDT92Q


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