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Meet Steve Hobart, the man who might just live down the street from you. Look through his eyes as he finds himself the unwitting leader of a band of survivors. Travel with Kevin, Mike, Cary, and Darrin... The Geeks. They were four young men who thought that the zombie apocalypse would be the coolest thing ever. They were wrong. In between, you will be treated to The Vignettes. Some of these are nothing more than a stand-alone word-snapshot, giving you a peek at how the zombie apocalypse is unfolding around the world. However, some of these vignettes become serials that you will welcome like an old friend... or cringe as they drag you kicking and screaming into a fresh slice of hell.

Language English
Author T.W. Brown
This Edition 2015
First Published 2013
Published by May December Publications
Amazon ID B00GLFID7U