« DEAD: Box Set 2 » T.W. Brown


The DEAD box set Vol 2 contains the second 3 books of the DEAD series (Winter, Siege & Survival, and Confrontation) The DEAD saga continues… Winter is coming… As survivors around the world struggle to get their feet under them in a world overrun by the walking dead, a new problem rears its head. As unstoppable as any horde of zombies, the seasons march on, heedless of the fragility of the human race. The first winter is approaching. Up in the mountains of northeastern Oregon, Steve's band settles in but discover something so horrible that it may destroy them before the weather has a chance. Kevin faces ghosts from his past while struggling to maintain unity among his people. In other parts of this dead world, a team of scientists struggle to devise a cure… A new pharaoh rises in Egypt… Chad learns he will do anything to keep his daughter safe… Juan struggles with the demons of his past that tell him he is unfit to lead… or love… A military unit tries to restore order at any cost… Dead: Winter The first winter has come, and with it, new problems. No longer are the zombies the biggest threat to survival. With the global infrastructure gone, people are forced to do whatever it takes to survive… even the unthinkable. Steve faces his toughest decision yet as he tries to lead his people through one nightmare after another. Kevin risks everything to save one girl and finds himself in the middle of a military fight for power. Juan fights his way home, but soon finds himself leaving the island… at the worst time possible. Two women set out for London… but one has a secret that she is keeping under wraps. One man seeks to be a god as a new exodus occurs in Egypt. A soldier abandons his post, but can he escape his duty? The darkest days have come now that winter has most of the world in its clutches. Dead: Siege & Survival Several months have passed since the dead began to walk. The first winter has taken its toll in more ways than one …


Series DEAD #2
Language English
Author T.W. Brown
Year May December Publications, 2015
First Published 2013
Amazon ID B00GPYL82Y


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