« Power and Majesty » Tansy Rayner Roberts


She almost missed the sight of a naked youth falling out of the sky. He was long and lean and muscled … He was also completely off his face. A war is being fought in the skies over the city of Aufleur. No one sees the battles. No one knows how close they come to destruction every time the sun sets. During daylight, all is well, but when nox falls and the sky turns bright, someone has to step up and lead the Creature Court into battle. Twelve years ago, Garnet kissed Velody and stole her magic. Five years ago, he betrayed Ashiol, and took his powers by force. But now the Creature Court is at a crossroads … they need a Power and Majesty who won′t give up or lose themselves in madness …


Series Creature Court #1
Language English
Author Tansy Rayner Roberts
Year Voyager, 2013
First Published 2010
Amazon ID B003TQLOWU

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