« Prologue of an Apocalypse » Tammy Whaley


Karen Janowski is trying to live a quiet life and forget the find she and her unit had stumbled onto outside of Baghdad. That is until a hit squad makes a visit to her country home. But she’s not the only one on their list. Jamie Dilbert is a graduate student at Ohio State. Her bad day becomes worse as her mentor dies and someone then tries to kill her. Sheila Hileman is an average high school student who is suddenly living in a war zone as black clad commandos shoot up her school. Artifacts are being stolen, archeologists are dead and the multinational Belegrio Corporation seems to be behind it all. As an invisible clock is counting down to destruction, Karen and Jamie find themselves falling in love. Together, they must unite a group of strangers to fight against the dark forces that would herald in the end of life on the planet Earth. Book one of the Ancients Rising series brings together the armies of each side to prepare for the upcoming cataclysm.


Series Ancients Rising #1
Language English
Author Tammy Whaley
Year CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2015
First Published 2012
ISBN 9781475059922
Amazon ID B007FU7KGK

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