« The Camelot Code » Sam Christer


What if King Arthur was more than a myth? On a starlit summer's night in the Welsh mountains, an old man is torn from sleep as an ancient prophecy unfolds. On the other side of the Atlantic, an American antiques dealer lies dying on the floor of his shop, blood ebbing from a fatal stab wound. In San Francisco, Mitzi Fallon begins her new job as lead investigator for the FBI's Historical, Religious and Unsolved Crimes Unit. When it emerges that a priceless Celtic relic has been stolen from the murdered antiques dealer, Mitzi finds herself drawn into a mystery that reaches from the heart of the modern US government back to a man once dismissed as myth: King Arthur.


Language English
Author Sam Christer
Year Sphere, 2015
First Published 2013
ISBN 9780751550917
Amazon ID B00BU1DEWE
Google Books ID A4UHKGQSmOEC


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