« The Alien Factor » Stan Lee


The year is 1942. The German war machine rolls across Europe, crushing everything in its path. America has only recently entered the war, and the price paid by its allies is already high. The war could drag on for years, could go either way… until the day a strange metallic craft crashes behind enemy lines, bringing with it secrets of world-shattering consequence. The Nazis are quick to capture the spacecraft and its unearthly occupants, anxious to make use of interstellar devices that could allow them to accomplish their goal of annihilating their enemies. Realizing what might happen should the Nazis master the alien technology and subjugate its owners, the Allies send in a suicide squad -- a group snidely referred to as "Logan's Losers" -- to rescue the aliens and their secrets… or destroy them before the enemy can. Logan's mission is complicated, however, when Russia learns of the aliens and sends its own agent into the heart of Occupied France. A rogue Russian warrior… a traitor among Logan's invasion force… aliens who may be friend or foe… all driven to a fortress controlled by an implacable enemy.


Language English
Author Stan Lee
Year ipicturebooks, 2011
First Published 2011
ISBN 9781876963446

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