«Mission Zero» S J MacDonald


Skipper Alex von Strada is one of the Fleet’s highest achieving officers, commanding the corvette Minnow with a company of eccentric officers and last-chance crew sent to him for rehab. After a PR disaster has activists and media storming the Admiralty gates, First Lord Dix Harangay sends Minnow out on a makework patrol. Inspector Mako Ireson goes with them to investigate what’s really going on. Mako has never been on a starship before. He can’t tell port from starboard, doesn’t know what the 0-G sign means at freefall hatchways, and may need to change his underwear after the launch. Nobody is expecting that the “mission zero” they've been sent on will turn into a real operation. When it does, the Minnow’s crew has to rise to the challenge and justify their skipper’s faith in them. This is the first mission of the legendary Fourth Fleet Irregulars, the unit you send for when you need a miracle. For Mako Ireson, it will be the adventure of a lifetime.

Language English
Author S J MacDonald
First Published 2011
This Edition 2014
ISBN 1463758553
Amazon ID B005EC3MPY