« DR. THORNDYKE: 7 NOVELS & 12 SHORT STORIES. Premium Collection Vol.1 (Timeless Wisdom Collection) » R. Austin Freeman


This volume contains 7 full-length novels as well as 12 short stories featuring the best medico-legal forensic investigator ever to exist in fiction: Dr. Thorndyke. Created by R. Austin Freeman, creator of the inverted detective story (a crime fiction in which the commission of the crime is described at the beginning, usually including the identity of the perpetrator, with the story then describing the detective's attempt to solve the mystery), Freeman used some of his early experiences as a colonial surgeon in his novels. In 800.000 words this volume includes the following novels and short stories: THE NOVELS: THE RED THUMB MARK THE EYE OF OSIRIS THE MYSTERY OF 31 NEW INN A SILENT WITNESS HELEN VARDON’S CONFESSION THE CAT’S EYE THE MYSTERY OF ANGELINA FROOD THE SHORT STORIES: THE MAN WITH THE NAILED SHOES THE STRANGER'S LATCHKEY THE ANTHROPOLOGIST AT LARGE THE BLUE SEQUIN THE MOABITE CIPHER THE MANDARIN'S PEARL THE ALUMINIUM DAGGER A MESSAGE FROM THE DEEP SEA THE CASE OF THE WHITE FOOTPRINTS THE BLUE SCARAB THE NEW JERSEY SPHINX THE TOUCHSTONE


Language English
Author R. Austin Freeman
Year Business and Leadership Publishing, 2016
First Published 2014
Amazon ID B00N023XHM

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