« By Command of the Viceroy » Philip McCutchan


India. The British Empire is at the height of its power. The Queen Empress had a considerable reputation for two things: one was interfering in her Ministers' foreign policy, and the other was her far-reaching interest in the affairs of her many children. So it was not surprising that when it was announced that the Grand Duchess Sergius of Russia — Queen Victoria's own granddaughter — would undertake a mission to Nepal, it caused no little stir among the British. Now Queen Victoria's granddaughter has married into the Russian royal family, she needs an escort to take her from Moscow to Nepal by way of India. At home, the Ministers are on edge, wondering why the visit should take place at all, and in India, the Viceroy Lord Elgin was exasperated at having to provide an Army escort for the Regiment of Cossacks who were being allowed to march over British territory. Tensions are stirring. But Captain James Ogilvie of the 114th Queen's Own Royal Strathspeys was soon to discover that this was no ordinary escort duty and he cannot refuse a request from the Queen… These are dangerous times in India and it’s up to Ogilvie to safely guide the Grand Duchess through the tense atmosphere. But is he the right man for the job? Apart from the mystery surrounding the mission, the Grand Duchess travelled in a curtained palanquin, seen by no-one, and her Cossack guard showed only open hostility to the British… Can Ogilvie protect his royal charge and still manage to keep his sights on the possible uprising on the horizon?


Language English
Author Philip McCutchan
Year Endeavour Press, 2015
First Published 2015
Amazon ID B00YPIKA0I


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