« Chloe's Heart » O.M. Aguilar


From age seven, Shana has been afflicted by nudges (peculiar intuitions)a heightened sense of awareness that winds its way into her psyche, unsolicited and unwanted. The nudges do not, as some like to believe, make Shana clairvoyant. In fact, Shana has always refused to believe that the nudges are something the universe gave her for her own benefit. Its not that she has never tried to see the mental impressions as a gift; its just that they have never, not felt like a curse. Shanas nudges, however, along with her professional skills, will become vital as she investigates, tries to salvage reputations, and falls in love. The case: small-town, Casper Springsa corpse, a bloody trail, a missing murder weapon, and an officer suspected of evidence tampering to protect himself and the suspecthis gay brothers lover. In the midst of all thisthe woman who will capture Shanas heart. From the onset, Shana will have her hands full, trying to console her lovable and unconventional sidekick, Guadalupe, who has just discovered she is pregnant. Guad is adamant about not marrying her longtime live-in and resents him for even suggesting it; she claims to be allergic to the word norm and abhors anything that is either not (or too) politically correct. Helping Guad cope while trying to solve a mystery that holds personal implications for Shana, has its good, bad, and frustrating moments, but always with an affectionate and comical bent.


Language English
Author O.M. Aguilar
Year Unknown, 2011
First Published 2009

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