« Burn All Alike » Nene Adams


An arsonist is burning Antioch, Georgia, one site at a time, eerily parallel to the Big Burn of '45 that destroyed most of the town. Distracted by her burgeoning and unsettling ability to see the unquiet dead, Mackenzie Cross realizes almost too late that she may be able to find the real cause of the fires. With the help of her girlfriend, Sheriff Veronica Birdwell, Mackenzie delves into shameful World War II secrets: an internment camp, murder and jealous vengeance that has separated two lovers, even in death. Journeying ever more deeply into the mysteries of the lands of the dead, this time Mackenzie might not be able to come back. A Mackenzie Cross Paranormal Mystery


Series A Mackenzie Cross Paranormal Mystery #1
Language English
Author Nene Adams
Year Bella Books, 2014
First Published 2014

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