« Black by Gaslight » Nene Adams


August 1888 - On a foggy night in London's notorious Whitechapel, Rhiannon Moore, a woman reduced to prostitution in order to survive, meets two people who will change her life. The first is Lady Evangeline St. Claire - brilliant, unconventional, wealthy, and battling her own demons. The second is Jack the Ripper. Evangeline and Rhiannon are plunged head-long into danger and romance as the two women struggle to solve a deadly mystery, while at the same time understand their growing attraction to one another. Will love come in time to save both lives and sorely tested hearts? Or will the women learn - because Saucy Jack already knows - that blood is always… BLACK BY GASLIGHT.


Language English
Author Nene Adams
Year P.D. Publishing, Inc., 2011
First Published 2006
ISBN 9781933720128
Google Books ID yYznAAAACAAJ


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