« Close to the Colours » Martin McDowell


On 2nd May 1808 Napoleon Bonaparte imprisoned the Spanish Royal Family and proclaimed his brother Joseph the new King of Spain. The Spanish rose up at the insult and so, with Spain in foment, the British Government saw the opportunity for a British army to once again set foot on European soil. Therefore, in August 1808, a small force led by General Sir Arthur Wellesley came ashore through the pounding surf of Mondego Bay to land on the Portuguese coast. This is the story of that army, how they confronted the hitherto victorious French, beginning with the very first exchange of fire at Brilos and then the success of Rolica and the stunning victory of Vimeiro. Wellington was recalled as being signatory to the controversial Convention of Cintra, and only then came the advance into Spain under General Sir John Moore. This incursion soon turned into a winter retreat of appalling hardship, but the army turned and stood at Corunna to inflict one last defeat on their pursuers, before returning home. The tale is told through the eyes of the characters of the fictional 105th Foot, The Prince of Wales Own Wessex Regiment, but all the events are actual history.


Series 105th Foot #2
Language English
Author Martin McDowell
Year FeedaRead, 2015
First Published 2015
Amazon ID B00SHGPZ9U


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