« Worth Their Colours » Martin McDowell


The year is 1805 and Nelson has robbed the French of their way across The Channel, but Napoleon’s Grande Armeé remains a potent threat. Faced with this, the Secretary of State for War gathered all possible forces to resist invasion. This included sweeping up into Detachment Battalions the surviving soldiers of various minor disasters and combining them together with a very much less than re-assuring mixture of recruits.

This is the story of one such Battalion, a collection of veterans, social outcasts, untried Militia, volunteers, criminals and poachers who march and train together until the desperate British military deem them fit to be part of General Stuart’s army that invades Calabria to support one the few allies Britain has, the King of Naples. There they confront a veteran French army on the plains of Maida for the first set piece confrontation between the armies of Great Britain and Napoleon’s all-conquering forces. At the campaign’s end, as a Detachment Battalion, usually considered as inherently inferior, they could be broken up and sent to reinforce under strength, well established, Regiments. Or, perhaps, by their own deeds and prowess, they deserve to be recognised as a numbered Regiment, and be “Worth Their Colours.”


Series 105th Foot #1
Language English
Author Martin McDowell
Year FeedaRead, 2015
First Published 2015
ISBN 9781784078911
Amazon ID B00SG4TGRU
Goodreads ID 22979659
Google Books ID VD3moQEACAAJ


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