« Leap » Michael C. Grumley


One year ago, a remarkable breakthrough changed what it means to be human. Now from a new research center in Puerto Rico, Alison Shaw and her team are about to stun the world, again. Less than a thousand miles away, a mysterious ship is spotted off the quiet coast of Guyana. Strange circumstances attract the attention of the U. S. Navy, including naval investigators John Clay and Steve Caesare. They soon find that a Chinese crew is making mysterious trips into the jungle under the cover of darkness. Someone has made a surprising discovery beneath the dark, shrouded canopies of South America. A discovery thousands of years old. As they race to piece the puzzle together, Clay and Caesare uncover a string of secrets with frightening consequences. The discovery of the century has been madeā€¦ and someone is prepared to fight for it.


Series Breakthrough #2
Language English
Author Michael C. Grumley
Year 2014
First Published 2014


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