« Born to Run » Larry Dixon Mercedes Lackey


There are elves out there. And more are coming. But even elves need money to survive in the "real" world. The good elves, intrigued by the thrills of stock car racing, are manufacturing new, light-weight engines (with, incidentally, very little "cold" iron); the bad elves run a kiddie-porn and snuff-film ring, with occasional forays into drugs. Ranged on the other side of all that's good ---- Keighvin: elf lord with a problem, and the victim of a vendetta.-- Tannim: a human mage with a taste for fast cars and loud music.-- Sam Kelly: mild-mannered retired engineer with an Irish temper.-- Ross Canfield: a good old Southern boy who just happens to be dead. The people trapped in between: three runaways. Good kids already in serious trouble and about to get into more. Unwitting pawns in a deadly game, they will either be saved -- or led into a fate worse than death….


Language English
Author Larry Dixon Mercedes Lackey
Year Baen, 2012
First Published 1992
ISBN 9780671721107
Google Books ID 0Zo233cen_AC


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