« The Armor of Light » Lisa A. Barnett Melissa Scott


The heavy summer air of 1593 is full of portents for Elizabeth, England's Queen, and James VI, King of Scotland. A coven of witches secretly controlled by the Wizard Earl of Bothwell has summoned a storm to sink the ship that bears James' bride to Scotland. Though the ship made port, the success of their summoning has emboldened them; the coven is now launching wizardly attacks on the King himself — and James is terrified. FROM SATAN'S WIZARD EARLThe King has protectors — not least the Queen of England herself — but not even Elizabeth's secret service and her champion, the redoubtable Sir Philip Sidney, can be on watch every instant. Eventually a trap is sprung, and King James is at the mercy of the satanic Bothwell's deadly spells…


Language English
Author Lisa A. Barnett Melissa Scott
Year Crossroad Press, 2016
First Published 1988
ISBN 9780671697839
Google Books ID fSqQzA61Bp0C


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