« The Dead Walk the Earth: Part III » Luke Duffy


The world has turned the colour of blood. The final strongholds in Europe and the United States have been extinguished in an orgy of tearing flesh and snapping teeth. The legions of dead swarm across the lands, growing in number as they infest the planet. Their insatiable hunger for living flesh is the only thing that drives them and is impossible to abate. The city of London has become nothing more than a graveyard for the troops of Group South. Barely a handful of soldiers made it out of the bubbling cauldron and now, on the Isle of Wight, the war continues. In a desperate struggle to control the scraps of humanity, the living turn on one another with a savagery unsurpassed by the armies of walking dead. As anarchy erupts, Stan and his team find themselves as the centre of unwanted attention and are drawn into a vicious battle of attrition. Caught between the living and the dead and with few options it soon becomes clear that the mainland, overrun with the infected, is their only chance at survival.


Language English
Author Luke Duffy
Year Severed Press, 2015
First Published 2015
Amazon ID B0148GLBSQ

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