« The Burning Sky » Joseph Robert Lewis


In the bustling Ifrican country of Marrakesh, airship engineer Taziri Ohana is just sitting down to supper with her family when a terrifying explosion destroys the Northern Air Corps. Now she is the only pilot left to help the marshals hunt down the people responsible for this tragedy before they can strike again. Fearing for the safety of her family and friends, Taziri and the marshals race across the country on airships, steamships, and locomotives, from sprawling industrial cities to ancient tombs. Their investigation uncovers a vast conspiracy to overthrow the Mazigh queen and plunge the country into the most horrific war of the modern era. To stop them, Taziri must confront a traitorous ambassador with an electric touch, a foreign doctor performing horrific experiments, and a Samaritan assassin who prefers Italian daggers over the newfangled firearms. But their investigation makes the conspirators panic, and as killers emerge from every shadow and riots erupt on every street corner, Taziri quickly learns to defend herself as only an engineer can: with her amazing inventions!In a country where women control the government and the most powerful industries in the world, Taziri may have an advantage over the male marshals. But despite all her efforts, her country's only hope for peace may be an exiled Incan princess and her swashbuckling lover, and an airship called Halcyon plummeting from the burning sky.


Language English
Author Joseph Robert Lewis
Year Copper Crow Books, 2011
First Published 2011
ISBN 1470101254


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