« Turning the Tables » Jessica Thomas


From ghosties and ghoulies and long leggity beasties… Something evil stalks Commercial Street on a festive Halloween night. Private investigator Alex Peres, however, has her mind focused on fun and perhaps romance. Only in the cold light of morning does word spread of a gay man's murder. Worse yet, the guilty perpetrators could be one of their own. … And things that go boomp in the night… Beset with her own worries, Alex trusts local law enforcement to investigate. They are, after all, the professionals. But when the detective-in-charge turns his attention to Alex's friends, she agrees, reluctantly, to do a little poking around of her own. It doesn't take her long to find more questions than answers. … Mae the guid Lord protect us! Greed, passion, hatred, fear: which human failing explains the crime? Just as matters begin to make sense, a second killing in the night sends Alex spinning in unexpected directions. Her own topsy-turvy affairs don't help. If she doesn't think fast, she may not be able to save a third victim: herself.


Series Alex Peres Mysteries #2
Language English
Author Jessica Thomas
Year Bella Books, 2011
First Published 2005
ISBN 9781594930096
Google Books ID qqEAAQAACAAJ


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