« The Weekend Visitor » Jessica Thomas


The latest Alex Peres mystery begins with a mini-mystery currently providing cocktail party conversation to many of Provincetown's gay community: are young, beautiful, sexy, Irish Maureen Delaney and 40-ish plain-jane Mary Sloan lovers or is Maureen simply a boarder? Opinion is about evenly divided, with numerous snickers and snide remarks. But titillation rapidly turns to united outrage when word gets out that Maureen has been attacked by an unidentified man after leaving a local bar. Maureen's attorney retains Alex to investigate, but far from clearing up the mystery, Alex seems to fall ever deeper into it. Why did Maureen delay seeing a doctor until all DNA, drug and alcohol tests are iffy at best? Only one test is certain: Maureen is pregnant, not from the night of the attack, but some two months earlier…


Series Alex Peres Mysteries #3
Language English
Author Jessica Thomas
Year Bella Books, 2011
First Published 2006
ISBN 9781594930546

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