« Murder Takes to the Hills » Jessica Thomas


Displaced from their home during remodeling and repair, Alex Peres and her love Cindy are starting to get on each other’s nerves. At least, Alex is certain, pets Wells and Fargo still love them, and clients are still calling for help with their various bits of local trouble. Trouble gets personal, however, when Cindy’s rising feeling that she’s attracted a stalker is followed by mysterious notes and noises in the night, unsettling Alex so much she even gets her gun out of the safe. Strangers asking her friend Cassie for help with undisclosed cargo, in the dead of night, doesn’t help settle anyone’s nerves. Normally sleepy Provincetown is fraught with perils for Alex and family—and it’s not even tourist season yet. If you haven’t walked Commercial Street with Alex Peres, it’s time to find out why these cozy mysteries are awards shortlist favorites. This sixth installment in Jessica Thomas’s Provincetown-based series features her signature wry wit and quirky characters.


Series Alex Peres Mysteries #6
Language English
Author Jessica Thomas
Year Bella Books, Inc., 2011
First Published 2010
ISBN 9781594931789

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