« Murder Came Second » Jessica Thomas


The cast of the latest production at the Provincetown amphitheatre are holed up in various B&B's around town. Staying next door to Alex Peres is Terese Segal, an "embedded journalist" busy digging up dirt on the players. When Terese is killed, no one is especially surprised or grief stricken. But the play must go on - and does. In true Shakespearean tradition, the stage will be strewn with bodies of the guilty, and the moment of vengeance begins. But suddenly Alex realizes that the wrong people are falling down. And the moaning is all too realistic. Someone must not be shooting blanks…


Series Alex Peres Mysteries #4
Language English
Author Jessica Thomas
Year Bella Books, 2011
First Published 2007
ISBN 9781594930812
Google Books ID 0gsyAgAACAAJ


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